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Saturday, February 18, 2023

Handlebar bags for sale

I’ve recently been trying to organize our basement better and have come to realize that we have retired quite a few handlebar bags which should go to new homes where they can experience some love.

Make me an offer. 

I will edit this page as items are claimed. Please email me any questions and offers shopping at blayleys dot coms. Plan to include or add about $15 for domestic shipping via USPS.

  • Ortlieb large handlebar bag - red

  • Ortlieb medium handlebar bag - blue
Some delamination inside. Ask for photos

  • Tatonka bag - fits on Klickfix mount

  • Rixen Kaul bag

  • Detours bag medium

  • Detours bag slim

  • Klickfix seatpost mount with extender

  • Klickfix seatpost mount

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