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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Why I Love to Ride in the Winter

I do love crisp winter rides. Although I could have passed on the gale force winds today...

But once we got into more sheltered areas, and especially once we started heading home with that strong wind at our backs, we were better able to appreciate the deep blue sky and sunshine that makes winter rides so nice.

Bob selected a route that took us past the wind turbines on top of Mt Wachusett. But apparently the wind was blowing so hard that the turbines had been disabled for the day.

We had a short section of dirt, with a light coating of ice, but we managed to all make it through upright.

We took a break at the ski center to warm up a bit with a fabulous lunch inside the lovely heated restaurant, and when that still hadn't helped Ira's toes, we resorted to stronger measures. We climbed Justice Hill!

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