Photo by Jason DeVarennes

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About The Blayleys

Pamela Blalock

Photo by Bruce Hiltunen

Pamela, aka Fixie Pixie, seems to enjoy wacky challenges, like doing Mt Washington on fixed gear, or D2R2 on single speed. She seems to like collecting fixies and single speeds, but she does also possess geared bikes. She does all types of riding including commuting, touring, randonneuring and hill climb races. She's also a big fan of tandeming and can often be seen riding with John Bayley. These days she spends most of her time honing her skills at an advanced apprentice cycling loiterer.

 John Bayley

Photo by Bob Jenney
The Fear Rothar, (Irish for something or other), John Bayley, takes part in all manner of cycling, including USCF races, hillclimbs, ultra-marathon races, brevets, touring, and commuting. He introduced Pamela to fixed gear riding and is often seen on the front of their tandem. He is a member of the Ride Studio Cafe Enduro team, splitting his season between long distance (Green Mountain Double, Quadzilla) and short uphill events (Mt Washington, Mt Equinox).


  1. Hello,

    I found on http://lovelybike.blogspot.co.uk/2012/03/top-10-ways-to-bike-uphill-without.html a picture of a tandem. The author told me it was yours. Could you please tell me where you find it? Thks !


  2. Hi Lionel,

    We've had that one for ages, and I don't recall specifically where we bought it, but I did a quick google search for "Tandem nut sculpture" and found http://www.allthingsgifts.co.uk/tandem-p-4396.html

    It currently shows out of stock, but this might be a good starting point for you.


    1. I found the source. They don't have the mountain bike version that we have, but the touring bike looks very cool. This question is going to cost me money!


  3. Wow! What is the gearing on your bike for the rough riding hill climb? I am curious to know and may build one just for fun

  4. For Mt Washington fixed, I've used 20/20 with 700X23 tires and last year used 20/19. This year I plan to use a special 42/39 setup.

    As for the gearing for dirt road riding with lots of steep hills - my setup in a compact double 34/50 with a 12-36 cassette and 650X42 tires.

  5. Part of Nigel's group. Found randonneuring from your site 1991.