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Thursday, February 16, 2012

"Snowy" trail riding

The forecast predicted 3-6" of the white, fluffy stuff. While sensible types might have stayed at home and provided laps for cats in front of a nice, warm fire, Messrs. RoyWilcox and I decided to go slip, sliding in the woods instead. The plan called for stringing together as many sections of trails in the Fells as possible, with Matt leading the way.

Things started according to plan when I awoke to find a dusting of white outside. The forecast still seemed accurate as I made my way to Gnarlington through white coloured precipitation. However, that was to be the extent of it for the day, as you can see from the following photos:

The first order of business for the day was to find Wright's Tower in the Fells - with just a little help from modern technology.

Not that we let technology get in the way of some fun!

However, we were soon back on the bikes, with the tower in sight.

While it felt like we were miles from anywhere, "civilisation" wasn't actually very far away.

This was as close as we got to snow on the ride. You, dear reader, will be glad to hear that we coped!

A chatty metal detecting enthusiast pointed us towards this lovely stone bridge.

Continuing the tower theme, we next visited Bear Hill Tower...

...from which Matt won the bike tossing competition.

Next up - with the emphasis on up - was the old ski area overlooking Horn Pond.

There be Boston!

At this point, the Ride Studio Cafe was calling our name, so off to Lexington it was. We arrived there with 35(ish) miles on the clock, of which 3 or 4 were on those things called roads. Not a bad day's work!

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