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Friday, March 9, 2012

Mud in yer eye!

A combination of too much work and fine weather have kept me away from the (non-work) computer this week. However, last weekend's weather led me to write the following:

The unusually mild and dry winter we have experienced in New England this year was book-ended (although it may be a little early to use that term yet!) by snow storms in October and on Leap Year Day. The latter was followed by a day of rain and, for some reason, that seemed to suggest a spin on dirt roads to your truly. The idea must have had some merit, as David Lafferty was happy to accompany me into southern New Hampshire. Perhaps, though, he was just trying to maximise culture shock, as he and wife Emily were planning to fly to Mallorca the following weekend. Have fun, you two!

But I digress, we tried to establish the theme of our ride early on.

Even when the roads were paved, though, they had their challenges.

We were only a few years late for this one:

but we eventually made it to Brookline for vittles.

This is where, in the excess heat of day, things started to get a little sloppy and I was reminded why those things over the wheels are called "mudguards" in the auld country.

As a avid fan of murder mysteries, I am keenly aware of the need to have an alibi at all times. David was kind enough to oblige, just in case I was accused of robbing a bank in the Boston area, although the jury might have a little trouble identifying me in this shot. How many other loons would pose for this photo though?

I managed to save enough energy to clean the bike when I got home. My front tyre also had the decency to stay inflated until I had cleaned the rim. If only it was always so!

The extended drivetrain section on the Crud Road Racer mudguard did its job nicely though.

Now to see what the weather gods throw at us this coming weekend...

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