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Monday, December 10, 2012

World's End Ride, December 20, 2012

Will Thursday, December 20 be our last full day of existence? Lots of folks seem to be worried that the Mayan calendar may be predicting total destruction on 12/21/2012. There has been enough chatter about it that the US Government and NASA have posted FAQs addressing the question... not that any of the groups freaking out about the Apocalypse would trust those agencies.

I don't know if I trust those agencies either! Who knows what will happen on the Winter Solstice (December 21), aside from cyclists in the Northern Hemisphere celebrating that days are starting to get longer! If we are still here, that is...

So what better way to spend potentially your last day ever, than going on a bike ride with your friends? And what better place to start and end the ride than World's End?

So in honor of the End of the World, we will be leading a ride on Thursday, December 20, departing at 10AM from World's End, in Hingham MA following this route. The route (based on a CRW ride) travels through Wampatuck State Park, out to Scituate, along the coast up to Cohasset and Hull, taking in a few climbs up to round towers, before returning to World's End. We'll stop for lunch somewhere near Nantasket Beach and explore the trails around World's End at the end of the ride. There are some lovely views of the Boston skyline at various points of the ride. 

We did this ride last year as part of the Festive 500 rides, and had a glorious day. Here's hoping for good conditions this year. It would be cruel to have bad weather for our final day ever!

Let me know if you are coming. (Email pb at blayleys dot com) We don't want to leave anyone behind on this day.  We'll be driving down to Hingham MA from Watertown, leaving around 8:30. Email me if you want help coordinating carpooling.

Hope to see you on December 20, 2012!

Rob Vandermark joined us. See his great photos here

BTW, it could be quite chilly. Tips for dressing for winter can be found in previous posts...

Outer Layers
Hands, Feet and Head

Some photos from last year...


  1. That sounds like a great ride although I'm thinking that it isn't really the end of the calendar, at least the one I use.

    Do you plan to ride World's End on your bikes? Do the Trustees mind? I'd love to ride the coast and the reservation, given good weather.

  2. Yes. Biking is permitted on the carriage roads and yes we are going to ride on them. Some of the best views of Boston are from the carriage roads.

    Also provided the World doesn't end, we will be riding from Watertown to World's End (and back) on Christmas Day, as part of the Festive 500. See the separate page on the blog for 2012 Festive 500 info.

  3. I'd love to go on the end of the world ride, weather permitting. I'll definitely pass the Christmas ride - I'd never get away with that! Instead I will be doing the festive 30 (running miles).