Photo by Jason DeVarennes

Monday, May 12, 2014


It has become a yearly tradition now to meet up with friends and spend Memorial Day weekend climbing and descending some of the finest dirt roads in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont.

Folks are welcome to join us, with the following disclaimer: This is not an organized event. You are on your own adventure. You have found links to our planned routes on Ridewithgps and we all just happen to be riding on the same routes at the same time!

Further disclaimer: Vermont dirt roads are often steep. While not like gnarly technical trails, the surface can sometimes be loose, especially if the road grading monster has been on them recently. More usual though is they are sublime hard-pack. We'll be on road bikes with fat tires and low gears.

For 2014, we will again be staying at the Bike Barn in East Burke. As of this writing, all beds have been claimed. There are a few other places to stay in East Burke, as well as camping options.

We typically head out for rides between 8 and 9AM, and ride socially, taking photos and regrouping after big climbs. We tend to stay out all day, but there is lots of flexibility. 

We will have potluck dinners at the barn on Saturday and Sunday nights. There are two kitchens and a grill for cooking. Even if you don't ride with us, if you are in the area, feel free to stop by with food and drink and join in the after-ride socializing.

We have ridden all the routes at some time in the past, but have not been in the roads this spring. Hopefully the snow is gone!  There is a great map, Cycling the Northeast Kingdom, that is available from the touring center in East Burke. This is handy to have in case of a washout or other detours.

Below is the list of rides we are planning to do, but plans may change due to weather or mood. If you are hoping to meet us on the road, send an email and we'll let you know if plans change.

Saturday - North Bayley

Saturday Short option

Sunday - South Bayley

Sunday - Short option

Monday - Willoughby

Other routes

Walden Stanton - another short option for the Gnarnia Crowd. It has about 1/2 mile of big gravel on a climb, and a stream crossing that was a bit more than ankle deep last week

Burke Mountain  - If you haven't had enough climbing


  1. "... a annual ..." ??

    Better be careful or next thing you know, your posts will be filled with as many typos, grammar errors, verb tense changes & disagreements as my schlock.


  2. I did South Bayley-Hazen last summer, having gotten the cue here. Was great. May try to join you all on Saturday.
    Mike A