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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Ireland - The Sally Gap

Since we'd been hitching lifts with David for a couple of days, when he was called back into work in Dublin, we found ourselves back on the east coast as well.

I really can't complain though. The sun was out and the winds were calm.

Now while I had managed to get down to Blessington a couple times during the week that John was working, John had not yet gotten out to ride his favorite old local roads himself and was eager to head down that way.

We plotted out a route piecing together some of the better options I'd found for getting in and out of town, along with a slight variant of my loop into the mountains, with plans to take in the Sally Gap.

The forecast looked promising, with sunshine and cool temperatures. I was finally able to pack away my rain jacket and we headed out with the sleeves on my jersey exposed for the first time in days to enjoy some well earned sunshine.

Climbing away from Ballinascorney Reservoir.

Up and up, towards the Featherbeds.

On towards the Sugarloaf.

OK, the cool temperatures still made the jacket desirable on the descents!

The mast on Kippure in the background.

Descending from the Sally Gap.

Climbing (again!) away from Blessington.

Making the most of the day.

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  1. Beautiful photos, as always. Makes me really want to go there, especially knowing that the sun is capable of coming out at least occasionally. Thanks for putting all the effort into this trip report.