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Friday, April 13, 2012

A Heavenly Ride to Purgatory Chasm

According to my very extensive research on Wikipedia, Purgatory is the condition of purification or temporary punishment by which those who die in a state of grace are believed to be made ready for Heaven. We mapped out this ride last December as our final ride in the Rapha Ride to Redemption challenge. However by the time the final day came around, we were already fully redeemed - and the weather was pretty miserable, and we ended up bailing on the temporary punishment that day.

Well we finally got our Festive 500 patches last week, and it reminded me that I should go do this ride.

Unlike December 31, it was certainly a heavenly day today, as seven of us rolled out for this hellishly hilly (the temporary punishment) ride to Purgatory Chasm.

It seemed we came in through the back door. We got to Heaven first!

Then to Almost Heaven

Our friend Matt Roy, will be thrilled to learn that heaven is filled with lawn balls! My photo doesn't do it justice. There must have been 20 of them, or more!

And finally we arrived at Purgatory itself. 

We tried not to get stuck in Purgatory!

These slabs of granite are strewn about in interesting ways. It is well worth the ride out to explore. Just remember your walking shoes.

The ride announcement included a warning to wear recessed cleat shoes for exploring the chasm. We didn't do the full hike today, but we did wander around a bit. (John and I did do the full hike on President's Day)

 At the top of the hill in Sutton (like I really need a sign to tell me it's a hilltop village after climbing all the way up there), I announced that we had successfully completed our mission in Purgatory and now would be blessed with a long downhill!

 Smiles were abundant as we rolled mostly downhill back to Framingham. 

It was a great day out with friends along quiet, albeit hilly country lanes. I'm looking forward to repeating many more of our Redemption themed rides as the weather gets nicer. We may even try for Grace tomorrow!

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