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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Purgatory To Pack Monadnock - from Milford, NH

I like riding off the beaten track, looking for new and interesting roads and cafes.

Over the years I have mapped out loads of different rides all of which could qualify as a favorite ride on any given day. I have now created a page with links to RideWithGPS maps for many of these rides. As I go back out and do the rides again, I will add links to posts with photos to help entice folks to try a ride. This is the first!

This ride starts in Milford, NH. Due to a very rough descent, I decided it is better in the opposite direction than I rode yesterday (map link below is in the recommended direction). I'd rather climb a rough road than descend one. Either direction has stupendous views. As with most of my rides, there are a couple sections of dirt.

There is a great new bakery, The Good Loaf, where you can stock up before the ride, or refuel after. It's on the main road as you leave town or come back in. Connolly Brothers Diary Farm makes a great ice cream reward after climbing Pack Monadnock.

A great side trip is the hike into Purgatory Falls.

I'm not obsessed with suffering, really!
The climb from Purgatory Rd to Paradise Farm does involve a little suffering. But the route now goes the opposite way, so you can enjoy great views out toward Milford, as you descend towards Purgatory Falls. 
The view from Pead Hill is always glorious. Be warned, you have to earn it!

Frye's Measure Mill

The climb up to Pack Monadnock is one of the tougher ones in the area, with a few 20+% sections. It is an optional climb on the route, but well worthwhile. Just bring your low gears! The descent is quite bumpy.

Lots of hiking in the area.
Spotted this lovely house coming around the backside of the mountain

And then I came upon this sight, which took me quite by surprise. Turns out it is a giant pumpkin chucking playground!

Yankee Siege
The used to aim for the castle - but they got so good...

That they had to build this tower even father away


  1. Love it that you're adding rides with directions and POIs to your site! Maybe I'll try embedding the maps on mine also instead of linking to them, it's easier for readers. Anyway, terrific, thanks.

    1. I've been meaning to get some of these routes on the site for a while. I don't know how many of my readers are local enough to use them, but maybe they'll be helpful for someone looking for a quiet back-road ride.

  2. Though I'm unable to ride these routes because I live far away in suburgatory :), the experience, perspective and technical knowledge you share in depicting these rides are very rewarding. The charming pictures, whimsical, enthusiastic commentary and humor all make your posts lively and enjoyable and inspiring, in short, the real deal. I signed up for RideWithGPS today because it seemed much more intuitive than others so thanks for that, too. Jim Duncan

  3. I am a big fan of RideWithGPS. I've found it very easy to create routes, as well as to modify them later. Of course I'm also a big fan of my GPS. I love being able to both plot something out ahead of time, and then NOT stop constantly to check a map. I also love when I see some interesting side road that I can pan around on the GPS to see if it goes through or goes anywhere interesting. I definitely do lots more exploring thanks to this technology. Now I still own loads of maps and still buy new maps, which I use for planning and big picture stuff. But Gigi (my GPS) is my constant companion and navigator!

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