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Over the years, we have developed many routes that we think are worth sharing. This page will serve as a place to do just that. As I have time, I will add links to posts with stories about the ride and photos. In the meantime, this is mostly a series of links to RideWithGPS maps.

I lead a 60 ish mile social ride (15 mph average) from Ride Studio Cafe every Tuesday at 10AM. I rotate through the following routes. If you can chill and ride in a nice social manner and like to go to interesting places for lunch, come join us some Tuesday!

Ride Studio Cafe
1720 Mass Ave
Lexington, MA 02420

60ish miles

100+ miles

Other Massachusetts Rides

New Hampshire Rides

DROVES (2012 - ) mostly dirt road routes from Burke, VT

Original DROVES (2009-2011) from Ludlow to Waterbury/Waitsfield area and back

Mostly dirt road routes from Brownsville, VT

Catskills Routes

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  1. Thanks for these routes. I am lucky to live near RSC so I have long list of routes here that I can ride to. One of the things I enjoyed most about the Hollis century recently was its choice of new-to-me ways to go through even fairly familiar territory.