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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Missed Opportunities

We will definitely make a return trip to the Cevennes. First and foremost to visit our friends, Eddie and Chisa. But we missed a few climbs, and we must do them all. We also missed about half the Gorges du Tarn, and according to some sources, the part we missed was even more spectacular than the part we saw. We didn't ride across the top of Mt Lozere. We never made it back to ride through  the Ardeche Gorge. And we totally missed out on Nimes. When we arrived in Nimes at the beginning of the trip, we really only saw the area immediately by the train station. It was all under construction and just wasn't appealing. Eddie's GPS then picked the most unattractive way out of town. And with all the construction in the area, Eddie was none too impressed with the city and made his feelings known.

For our return trip, Eddie drove us back into Nimes, where we'd spend the night and then catch the TGV the next morning to get back to Paris for our flight home. As we wandered around Nimes that evening, we realized we'd have to come back and spend some time there. I managed to get a few shots the next morning before we caught the train.



Of course the trip was too short. It actually took me longer to blog about it than our time there. We had a mixed bag of weather, but in the end, really only had an hour or so of heavy rain, and that led to such a nice evening, that I can't complain. I'm happy I have done so much hill climbing this year, as the fitness made the rides much more enjoyable! I'm also quite happy we only put rack mounts of John's frame when we got our bikes last year. It made my rides so much more enjoyable! And I'm so lucky that John likes the training benefit he gets from carrying a little extra gear. He absolutely gets Husband of the Year points for this!

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  1. These pretty, educational and generous posts along with the telling and gorgeous pictures of your trip to France have been so rewarding and fun. Thanks so much for sharing with us.
    Jim Duncan