Photo by Jason DeVarennes

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Sevens en Les Cevennes - Climbing

We have just returned from a two week trip in Les Cevennes in France. When we ordered our Seven Cycles bikes last year, we had two major requirements. They must fly and they must climb. They do both quite well.  I'll post about packing and unpacking the S&S bikes, as well as some packing lists for our tour later.

Let me just say that I am quite happy that I've been doing so much climbing this year. I do believe that all the hill-climbing has trained me well for this holiday, especially the windy conditions from Newton's.

Just to provide a teaser for upcoming posts, here's shots from some of the climbing we did. We have about 1000 photos to sort through, and I will start getting a few pictures and stories from each day up soon. I had hoped to blog along the way, but our days were full enough with riding and eating, so there just wasn't time. But I have lots of blog material now for a few weeks!

Continental Divide?

Col de L'Homme Mort

That pointy thing in the background is Mt Ventoux - which we climbed a few years ago.


  1. Lucky you, Pam! I see that superstar husband of yours is carrying 90% of the stuff!

    Great shots! Those French folks take their mountain passes, and associated signage, seriously!

  2. Good eye Chris. John is definitely a gentleman, but in my defense I will state that I am carrying all my on the bike stuff, like arm, leg, knee warmers, rain jacket, headband, gloves, camera, phone, wallet, passport, snacks, as well as the spare tire, chain lube and assorted tools. As a bit of an equalizer for us, he does have my civvies, toiletries and the computer in one of the panniers. His bar bag is enormous because he's carrying a proper camera, which turns out to be the real equalizer, since he stops to take loads of real photos, requiring framing, focusing, lens changes, filters, etc, while I just put out my point and shoot on the move! You'll see the results in coming days, as John selects from his photos for the blog.

    When we toured on the tandem, we ended up with lots of photos of me standing by the tandem looking bored. Now we get some shots of each other riding, and I can continue up the road after modelling a bit, and then John can get a work out after he takes photos by hammering up to catch me. We've done three trips now with this setup, and it really has worked out well.

    More details on what went into those panniers in a few days.

  3. Very nice! Looking forward to the photos and a post on the pannier contents.

  4. You climbed a lot of hills on this trip!