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Thursday, December 26, 2013

A Screw Loose - Indoor Festive 500 - 2013

Various friends, near and far, have commented on my activity this week as a sign that I must have a screw loose. But I asked the doctors last week about the screws, and they said that all the hardware was firmly in place, no loose screws for me! Check the X-rays!

Admittedly, I have - in the past - gone out in ludicrous conditions for outrageous distances on what some might consider silly bikes. I admit to rarely turning down the opportunity to do something outrageous on a fixed gear bike, including my quest this week. I've made good use of studded tires over the years, and I've considered bad weather to be a great opportunity to make use of all my expensive bad weather clothing. Of course, this year, the studded tires sit unused and all my cycling rain gear and cleated cycling boots and overshoes and such are still packed away from last winter.

But there seems to be a Conservation of Loose Screws, as some of my Ride Studio Café clubmates have been exhibiting signs not quite consistent with what reasonable people might call sanity. For example, Roger headed off on Christmas Eve with plans to do the whole 500km in one go. This might be reasonable for those in milder climates, but it was well below freezing with considerable snow pack on the ground, and the forecast did not include any positive numbers on the Celsius Scale! I think sanity kicked in after he rode a few hundred km without water as his bottles instantly froze solid.

Today's club ride was to be on one of my summer favorite routes, taking in loads of trails that must still be covered in snow and ice. I wondered if everyone would show up with studded snow tires and spikes on their shoes! Fear Rothar headed out on his fixie in a clear indication of solidarity with me, the fixie pixie, by riding a fixed gear bike on a route where others would surely question his grasp of reality. Although I imagine Father Dougal might not find it odd, saying, "Come on, Ted. Sure it's no more peculiar than all that stuff we learned in the seminary, you know, Heaven and Hell and everlasting life and all that type of thing. You're not meant to take it seriously, Ted!"

Photo courtesy of Fear Rothar

Today as I (happily --- is just not the right word) rode my fixed gear in the garage while enjoying more Jeeves and Wooster, snow began to fall on the Fear Rothar and the other RSC club riders as they headed out onto those trails and dirt roads. After encountering a heavy snow squall and icy roads with cars sliding out of control, they cut their losses and turned back. Still Fear Rothar enticed Neil and Henry to head down along a few more snowy trails to our place for coffee.

Neil is testing out how solid the ice is - Loose Screw? You be the judge!

Neil managed to find an icy pond to ride across, proving that there are plenty of Loose Screws to go around!

I actually showed a few signs of good judgement today. After a couple of hours riding in the garage this morning, I took a break to go to Physical Therapy this afternoon, and then came home and walked right past the bike in the garage and came upstairs to sit down in front of a roaring fire-app on the TV, while drinking some Ommegang Art of Darkness.

My #festive500 is 39% complete, or maybe I have a screw 39% loose.

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