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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Howth Head revisited

While I was off galavanting around the countryside on bike with my brother, David (some posts about which will follow!) Pamela had pretty much exhausted the walking possibilities from my childhood home. I knew that Howth Head, to the north of Dublin, was both scenic and relatively accessible. I hadn't walked there in over twenty (!) years, so I thought it might be a good choice for a little variety.

Looking on-line, I found that there was now a series of signposted walks starting and finishing from the DART (Dublin Area Rapid Transit) station in Howth. So, we bought ourselves day-passes, hopped on the commuter rail in Castleknock, changed to the DART in Connolly Station and were ready to walk in Howth about an hour later.

We decided to do the Bog of Frogs walk, listed at 10km in length. This seemed long, but doable, for Pamela. However, it ended up being quite a bit longer, at around 13km in length. Under normal circumstances, this wouldn't have been significant, but given that this was by far the toughest walk she had done since her accident, the extra distance made its presence felt.

Distance expectations apart, it is certainly a pleasant and scenic walk though. It is challenging enough to make you feel that you have really been out in the countryside and away from the city. Its accessibility via public transport makes it a convenient choice for visitors to Dublin.

The Baily Lighthouse (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baily_Lighthouse), the last in Ireland to be automated

Another view of the Baily Lighthouse

Stone wall with aggregate made from sea shells

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