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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Indoor Festive 500 - Christmas Day

Broken Pixie's Indoor Festive 500 continues...

I don't know how anyone tolerates riding indoors, and I have to admit that after just two days of long sessions on the trainer, I feel the same way about riding indoors as I do about ingesting anything with Marmite on it. Izzi on the other hand may be asked to star in their next commercial!

After a great breakfast of frothed eggs,  I prepared for another session of watching Jeeves and Wooster with an elevated heart rate, while Fear Rothar headed out to join a few folks meeting at Ride Studio CafĂ© for a ride to downtown Boston in search of an open coffee shop. It was bitter cold today, with a high in the low 20s Fahrenheit! Fear Rothar said that with his Lake Winter Boots, chemical toe warmers, heavy socks and embrocation on his toes, his feet just about survived his 2.5 hour ride. He gave me plenty of grief when he returned home -  finding me riding the trainer in short sleeves with a fan to cool me. He later suggested that I should actually leave the garage door open for my Festive 500 rides!

I'll pass on that, but in a show of solidarity, after having lunch, I bundled up and headed outside for a mid-day walk in those 20F temps. Of course, I took John with me - so he got two chances to get chilled to the bone today. I did learn that walking in these temperatures both increases my pace, and decreases the number of times I stop for photos. Today was a zero photo day!

Shortly after returning from the arctic stroll, I headed back down for another trainer session, choosing to watch the Father Ted Christmas special, A Christmassy Ted, in honor of the day. In this episode Ted saves the Catholic Church a major scandal when he helps 7 other lost priests find their way out of Ireland's largest lingerie section, and Mrs. Doyle receives a TeaMaster 3000 to take the drudgery out of making tea. I may have subverted our annual Christmas tradition by re-watching this on my own, but give that Fear Rothar can practically quote every line from the episode, it might be time for him to miss it this year!

The triple workout today may have been a bit too much. I don't think I can get up from my chair now! Hopefully a good night of sleep will help me recover, so I can ride again tomorrow.  Maybe I will switch to the Festive 50, with 50 km of walking instead!

Or maybe I'll do both!

#Festive500 30% done!


  1. That's impressive amount of activity for this time of year, well done!
    I knew marmite was polarizing to humans. I never heard of cats loving it.

  2. John has long been in the practice of putting Marmite on half the sandwiches we make to bring on a ride or hike to ensure that he gets at least half of what we carry! But now, he has to fight off Izzi just to get some for himself. Poetic justice, of sorts!

  3. Marmite seems to be similar to Vegemite, which would keep me away from John's sandwiches, not that I'm ever going to keep up with him to get a chance.

    I can easily "ride" indoors for 30-45 minutes but have never lasted longer than that. Your Christmas total is epic in my book!

  4. Hi NEB,

    Marmite is better than Vegemite, but I think my sandwiches will still be safe! :-9