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Sunday, September 17, 2017

Around Mount Leinster

This trip to Ireland began in mid September 2017 - I'm slowly getting around to posting

With a new baby in the house, John's brother Dave, hasn't had many chances to get out for rides recently, but Siobhan (the new mom) was quite gracious in pushing him out the door to take us on a ride circumnavigating Mt. Leinster.  Daphne and Siobhan planned to spend the day together, with baby Sam.

I didn't look carefully enough when Dave sent the route, and actually thought he had us going up Mt. Leinster. The route profile had a sharp spike and it was headed in that general direction, so I assumed we had a big day of climbing ahead. Taking pity of the sleep deprived dad, I decided I should go along with whatever he had chosen! If Dave, who hadn't ridden much this summer was willing, I shouldn't complain. 

Eagle eyed observers may not that a short ways into the ride, John and Dave swapped bikes. Dave had been having some trouble with his brakes and John was checking them out.

We headed out on some new-to-me roads toward Clonegal. Rather than a tea break at Huntington Castle, we pressed on for lunch in Bluncody, taking in a few tiny lanes along the way. I had a nice stop at Newtownbarry House last year and suggested a lunch stop there. I didn't realize they were only open in the summer - and September is not summer, apparently.

After lunch in Bunclody village, we started making our way down toward Mount Leinster.  Imagine my surprise, when after a gentle climb, we started downhill and soon arrived at Myshall, without going over the top!

My relief at not having a big mountain climb was soon dampened by a chilly rain. I was trying out some new gloves and found while they were warm, they were impossible to get on and off once my hands were wet. Now there's a new thing to look for in gloves. I can see me going into a shop and asking if I can soak my hands and then try the gloves on!

As we headed for home, we passed by Altamont Gardens and decided to take a quick look around. The cafe was closed and the gardens would close soon, so a brief look it was. We'd just have to come back again earlier in the day.

We finished the day cold and soaked, but with smiles on our faces. Dave enjoyed getting out for a rare spin, but was quite happy to see his baby boy when he arrived home. And I was happy to have found some rolling terrain with nice mountain views.

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