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Friday, September 15, 2017

To Carlow

This trip to Ireland began in mid September 2017 - I'm slowly getting around to posting 

We did not have any definitive plans for our Irish trip this year, other than meeting our new nephew, Sam. OTOH, John's sister, Daphne, did have some definitive plans to head away for a couple weeks, just a few days after we arrived. So if we wanted to see her, we'd need to get down to Carlow right away. Conveniently, young Sam and his parents, Dave and Siobhan, live just across the street from Daphne.

So we loaded up our bikes with warm clothes and headed south. We found a great restaurant for lunch in Ballymore Eustace,  The Ballymore Inn. We will definitely make this a destination on a future trip. 

After lunch John had plotted out a route over Church Mountain, but he wasn't quite sure, he'd picked the right road, or even the right approach. I jokingly texted Dave to ask if he thought our marriage would survive the ride over Church Mountain.

As it turned out, the mapped out route became a very steep gravel track, and unlike the long days of summer, we were facing an early sunset and heading off into the unknown might mean a late night arrival. So we did a little backtracking and took the main road. That's the main road, pictured below!

It was cool, but sunny, and the roads were quiet and scenic. Life is good!

At some point, we popped out onto familiar roads that I know from many previous trips to Daphne's. I'm certain it must be possible to get to Daphne's place without going by Duckett's Grove, but somehow we always do. I can't imagine why...

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