Photo by Jason DeVarennes

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Mizen Head

This trip to Ireland began in mid September 2017 - I'm slowly getting around to posting

Today's route would take us out to Mizen Head, the southernmost point in Ireland. Because of this geographic significance, Mizen Head and Malin Head, the northernmost point, serve as start and end points for many cycling adventures in Ireland. There is the occasional end to end record attempt, but lots of bike touring companies seem to have end to end rides as well. 

John and I came out to Mizen Head on our first tour together in 1993, a year before the interpretive center was built. I'm not even sure there was a sign indicating the significance of the place.  However, this time around we found a sprawling tourist info center and lots of visitors.

But I've leapt ahead. Before we got to Mizen Head, we deviated off our planned route when we spied the dead end road up Mount Gabriel, one of the nine radar sites operated by the Irish Aviation Authority, or the two giant golf balls, as the locals call it.

caught grammin'

We had a spectacular day and decided to take advantage of the fine weather and the open visitor center. So we paid the fee and walked out to the signal point and took in all the info stations.

Similar to our trip in 1993, we found ourselves in Durrus at the end of the day, and found it was seemingly stuck in time. Despite being at the apex of Wild Atlantic Way routes to Mizen Head and Sheep's Head, this little village had one open B&B and a pub. Luckily, we found a room and got dinner before the kitchen shut down for game night at the pub.


  1. Love the photos! Great scenery. John took most of the pics, yes? Otherwise, how did the Pixie get into so many of them?

    1. Love those roads, esp. the ones where the road seems to disappear over a crest or around a turn -- that seems to be most of the pics!

    2. Yes, John is the proper photographer. I am simply the gorgeous model ;-)

      But seriously, he brings a real camera and is fast enough to stop and get photos and then catch up, pass me and stop and get more photos. This is why we've been doing most of our tours on single bikes rather than the tandem. I have a little point and shot HTC Re that is fun for easy shots on the move, and use my phone as a better camera, but just haven't learned to use a proper camera with buttons and dials.