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Tuesday RSC Rides

Tuesday Rides go on hiatus starting, October 21, 2014.

With an upcoming trip to visit family and friends in Ireland, followed by a second back surgery, I will not be available to lead Tuesday rides for a while. I'm hoping the recovery from surgery will be quick, but time will tell. I will tweet and update this page once rides are back on.

The final ride before the hiatus is Tuesday, October 14. We are riding to Pegan Hill with lunch at Dover Market. 


I lead a series of ride every Tuesday, starting at Ride Studio Cafe, in Lexington, MA. We depart at 10AM. We take the whole day, usually returning to RSC at around 4PM.

We rotate through a series of of about a dozen different 60ish mile long routes that take in lovely quiet roads in the western suburbs (of Boston). We ride at a social pace and talk about everything, EXCEPT THE WEATHER. If more than 10 show up, we will likely split into two groups, so we can maintain the fun social nature for everyone. Many riders use a GPS, and we all look out for each other, keeping the group together and on route. Each ride has a great lunch stop, and often some feature climb with a nice view.

All day parking is available for a mere $2 in the large municipal lot adjacent to the bike path. Note that other parking in town is limited to 2 hours, and the tickets are $10 for exceeding that.

Everyone is welcome who is willing to ride socially and enjoy the day out.

Note that testosterone poisoning is not tolerated. If you want to race, then go to bikereg.com and sign up for one. If you want to ride alone, then go ride alone. If you want a long, fun, social ride with a nice stop for lunch, then come join us.

A few guidelines

1. This is a social no-drop ride. This means no dropping the ride leader. If you are in front, I will not chase you down if you go off route. You are on your own. No sympathy for getting lost. Use of a GPS is encouraged. Be sure to load the correct route. Check here the night before the ride to get the latest version. Do not assume the route you loaded 3 months ago is current!

2. We look out for each other. It is very hard once the group is larger than 4 for me to keep track of everyone, so it is everyone's responsibility to keep the group together. Unless you are the last rider, you are responsible for the rider behind you. If a gap starts to open (even on a hill), sit up and ease off the pace and call forward to the rider ahead of you, who will do the same thing. This way we stay together. Spirited climbing is allowed on one or two feature climbs, where you can get your KOM and we'll regroup at the top. These climbs will be announced in advance.

3. Two abreast conversational riding is encouraged when the road is quiet. But please be aware of traffic and move over when cars are behind. Please be conscious of the cyclists around you and do not force them off the road when moving over. And please stay on the right side of the road. No matter how quiet the roads seem, we are sharing them with vehicles - traveling in both directions.

3a. Please obey traffic laws. Do not run red traffic lights. Make sure the intersection is clear at stop signs. Please call out car-right or car-left as appropriate. Please point to (or call out) obstacles, such as potholes or debris in the road. However, it is not necessary to alert the whole county to the obstacle.

4. Please no flashing lights. This is a group ride and there are people riding ahead and behind you.

5. Fenders are encouraged if the roads are wet. If you don't have fenders on a wet ride, please stay behind those who do.

6. Never use the word, RAIN, during the ride. No matter what!

Please send email to pb at blayleys dot com to let me know you will be joining - especially if the weather is dodgy.  I admit it, if it is lashing down with rain, I may hesitate to ride over to the start, unless I know I'll have company!

Here's a list of upcoming rides, subject to change due to weather, construction and whim.  Check back the day before to be sure to load the current and correct route.  The first link is the GPS track for the ride. Load this in your GPS, if you have one. The second is a link for lunch stop.

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