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Friday, December 30, 2011

December 30 - World's End 2011-style

Last May, we survived Harold Camping's predicted rapture and had a rapturous good time doing the East Coast Rapha Gentlemen's Race. Today, we rode to World's End and, yet again, it did not. We'll see what 12/21/2012 brings and whether the Mayans had it right. Maybe we'll plan to do this route again on that day. If I have to be somewhere when the world ends, this is as good a place as any - actually much better than most. It is an absolutely beautiful spot. I'm so glad it has been preserved and is maintained now by the Trustees of the Reservations.

We had a good crowd for the End of the World ride today. Jon, Donny, Bob, Gene, David, Rich, Frank, John and I had a glorious ride along the south shore coastline with lovely views of the Boston skyline. John, Jon and Donny took off at a brisk pace, while the rest of us enjoyed a more relaxed ride. This isn't to say, we didn't push ourselves. Noticing I was being a proper FixiePixie, riding my fixie, Bob kept proposing we climb up to various round towers we saw along the way. I cannot resist a round tower, especially on top of a hill.

Not to be outdone, the lads did a bit of rock climbing in the middle of their ride.

From Pemberton Point, we had a nice view of the Boston skyline, one I'm sure is spectacular on a clear day. 

At the end, we explored the lovely tree-lined gravel carriage paths winding around the 4 large drumlins that make up World's End.

I just don't possess the vocabulary to do justice to the views today, so I'll have to let the pictures speak for me.

BTW, I gotta love strava, we stopped for almost an hour for lunch, and I still got QOM on a stretch of road which included that stop!

John surpassed his 500km goal today and I broke 500 miles! But we had company and help along the way. Our riding companions over the last 7 days logged 2660 kms at well, so maybe we should really get to count 4042 kilometers worth of redemption.

for all the photos from today...

Jon Lawrence/MayorFixie will be leading tomorrow's ride from Framingham to Purgatory Chasm, since we've decided we truly are beyond redemption, and a visit to Purgatory just won't help us. In addition to riding lots this week, I have driven more in one week than in the past three months! Weatherspark is telling me that riders who are out in the afternoon will likely get to make use of their rain gear. If you are planning to ride, please email Jon (jonathan dot lawrence at gmail dot com) so he will know to expect you.

We will let the car rest tomorrow and probably just ride over the Ride Studio Cafe to wish everyone there a Happy New Year and pick up some coffee beans.

We will also try to catch up on some of the stuff we've neglected this week while we've been in eat/ride/eat/ride/eat/ride/eat/blog/sleep mode. I think the cat wants some attention...

So far - Pamela - 809 km,  John - 580 km
Dec 30 - Pamela 74 km, John  88 km
Dec 29 - Pamela 105 km, John 28 km
Dec 28 - Pamela 110km, John 51km 
Dec 27 - Pamela 130km, John 44km
Dec 26 - Pamela 96km,  John - 100km
Dec 25 - Pamela - 75km,  John - 75km
Dec 24 - Pamela and John - 164 km
Dec 23 - Pamela - 55 km,  John 30 km

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