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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Redemption Rides

As we posted previously, Rapha has another crazy challenge for the last week of 2011 called the Festive 500 - Ride to Redemption. The challenge is to ride 500 km between December 23 and December 31. We are taking the challenge quite literally and kicking it off by Riding to Redemption Rock on December 24, and sticking with a somewhat irreverent take on the redemption theme throughout the week. We'd love company.

Some rides will leave from Ride Studio Cafe in Lexington, Massachusetts, USA. Others have a remote start, since we don't need to ride the 500km all in one day! The longer rides will start earlier to maximize daylight. We plan to be back before dark, but it might be a good idea to bring lights, especially for the longer rides. Definitely bring a camera and a spirit of adventure.

Please download the GPS track and/or cues and let us know if you will join us, especially for the rides that don't start from RSC. (Email pb at blayleys dot com)

Since Ride Studio Cafe (and almost everywhere else too) will be closed on the 25th, we will serve espresso drinks at our place before the ride (coffee from 9, ride at 10). Send me email, pb at blayleys dot com, and I'll give you the address. And for folks who have no other obligations for the day, we will have a potluck after the ride. Let us know you are staying so we can coordinate food.

So here's the schedule, including links to RideWithGPS routes. The weather could get temperamental with all this forward planning, so check back for potential changes. As you can see, we have over 500 miles (which if you do the conversion is way more than 500 km) of rides, so Pamela will be well and truly exhausted by the end of the week! She'll probably need a massage

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