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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Cycling in Ireland

We took a quick trip to Ireland at the end of November. While it may not be the best time to go cycling in Ireland, the extra time we get off for American Thanksgiving makes it a convenient, albeit expensive, time to travel.

Last year, John was greeted with frosty conditions and slid out of the country just before the deep freeze and snow arrived. This year we had amazing conditions. The temperature was almost mild. We only had one day with proper rain, and actually had two days with brilliant sunshine.

John and brother David are so close in size that they just ride each others bikes. So we only needed to pack and fly with Pamela's single bike. This saved a bit on luggage fees as we used our two allowed checked bags for the bike and a large bag with both our clothes, along with a carry-on.   As you'll see from the photos, I could have carried even less clothing. I wore the same thing all week!

John found his favorite old roads: one lane wide with grass growing up the middle.

He even managed to find a few muddy lanes so I could fully take advantage of my mudguards.

 Yes, the roads felt bumpy!

Full report is posted on our website.

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