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Friday, December 23, 2011

December 23 - Seeking Out Redemption Centers

The first day of the Festive 500, Dec 23, started grey and dreary. We've got lots of long hard rides planned for the rest of the week. Today should just be an easy ride - save something for tomorrows ride to Redemption Rock. But I think I will seek out some inspiration. I'll ride the Green Queen, my workhorse fixed gear commuting bike with a pannier so I can pick up some coffee beans for the weekend. 

First off, how do I take a self portrait?

I did say it was a grey day!
At least I'm not at work in that office park across the reservoir!
We have some hard rides planned. Hopefully I won't feel like settling down here by the end of the week
And hopefully my legs won't be all twisted like this tree in Lincoln Center.
I did stop at the airport and considered redeeming my frequent flyer miles...
hopping on a plane to somewhere warm and sunny
but I stopped into my favorite local hangout, Ride Studio Cafe, and Rob served up a most excellent Cortado.

Then the sun came out
Hmm, should I seek redemption over there?

Oh no, this looks is much better!
Dec 23 - 55km

Hmm, does Strava not care I wasn't racing, but stopping to take photos in the middle of all those climbs :-)

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