Photo by Jason DeVarennes

Monday, December 12, 2011

Photos from November trip to Ireland now available on website

John has a new camera and has been having fun prepping photos for the website. He's selected a nice subset of all the gazillion pictures he took during our recent trip to Ireland in November and we've updated these pages with maps, photos and commentary. Slideshow available here. Enjoy.
The full report
If you are now inspired to go bike touring in Ireland, check out these tips.


  1. Hi Pamela its niel from New Zealand here. I saw you on Lovely Bicycle and V. guided me to your blog.

    Adi and I toured around Ireland in 2007 and it was great. Next year I've thrown caution to the wind and will cycle around the world. Please feel free to follow me on my blog. I'll follow your blog once I figure out how to join it.

    All the best to you both Niel

  2. O' yes the link to my blog is


  3. Hi Niel. Great to hear from you and read about your upcoming round the world race-tour. I'll definitely follow your progress.

    Speaking of following, I've tried to figure out follow vs subscribe. I use google reader and just subscribe to a bunch of blogs. Following seems to be like subscribing, but let's just the blogger know.

  4. Regarding the suggestions on "Things to Bring", are the "mandatory" mudguards also needed for the bike trips in UK? (I'm thinking about LEL...)

  5. I would highly recommend mudguards for a trip to the UK too. The weather is essentially identical to that in Ireland and there are plenty of narrow, hedgerow-lined lanes which can lead to an accumulation of mud that you might want to be guarded from. A pair of Crud's Roadracers travel well and will feel right at home at the northern end of the LEL route. Have fun!