Photo by Jason DeVarennes

Monday, December 19, 2011

Waffling on about the weekend

On a bitterly cold December Sunday, Patria and Rob of Ride.Studio.Cafe were kind enough to entrust a Seven tandem to our (ab)use on their Sunday morning ride. It wasn't just any Sunday morning ride, however, but the prelude to their Waffle Wonderland seasonal celebration.

A tandem photograph?

And, did I mention it was the coldest ride of the season thus far? Considering the temperature, an impressively large number of people turned out for fun and frolics. We rolled out the bike path to Bedford and then popped out into the wind as we headed towards Carlisle. There are no prizes, dear reader, for guessing that this wind was chilly, to put it politely. This had a few effects. One, our extremities begged for a little more blood flow. Two, the shiny tandem seemed to invite spirited pedaling. And three, ride leader Geoff, who was kind enough to supply hand warmers at the start of the ride, was also eager to appreciate the tandem from the point of view of its slipstream. The result was us putting said tandem to a very good test and warming everyone up!

We felt right at home on the tandem from our first pedal strokes, although we probably shouldn't tell Rob that those first pedal strokes took us over the cobbles adjoining the shop, and then over a short section of dirt before hopping off the curb (just kidding about the curb!). It felt particularly impressive when we were out of the saddle and the curves descending Strawberry Hill elicited only squeals of joy from the stoker compartment. We were enjoying ourselves so much that we didn't want to return it. However, the pain of doing so was eased by the delicious waffles that awaited us when we returned.

Our gracious hosts, Patria and Rob.

Emily and David also introduced us to Chloe, their Bernese Mountain Dog puppy, who charmed all and sundry.



  1. I've been looking at this tandem since it showed up at the RSC, very curious. We've only ridden a tandem once, and it was a clunky hybrid rental on Cape Cod. I suspect the Seven would be a tad different : ) How does it compare to your current Co-Motion?

  2. We have two Co-Motion tandems currently, one is a workhorse touring bike with couplers, racks, fenders and lights. We've used this bike for D2R2, Rapha NE Gentlemen's Race, DROVES, brevets, tours, club rides and pretty much everything. The other tandem has more of a racing pedigree, and we've raced it up Mt Washington, Mt Equinox, Burke Mountain, Mt Ascutney, Greylock, as well as doing brevets and club rides. We love them both.
    But I must admit to be totally smitten with the 007. Standing on it felt so easy and natural. We plan to do a more in-depth, proper review shortly, and will include much more detail then.