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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Cahir - The Vee - Ireland 2016

Last night after checking into my B&B and getting cleaned up, I wandered around Cahir enjoying the great light before dinner. When mapping out my route for the day, I decided I would tour the castle before my ride. Then I'd finish off with a tour of the Swiss Cottage. I'm not usually one to do the guided tours, but both places were nicely preserved and the only way to see the inside was on a tour. In addition to these local attractions, My hostess at the B&B also mentioned cycling over the Vee. I found the Vee on the maps and plotted a route that approached it from the south.

The castle tour was very interesting. I learned all the ways one could die trying to attack a castle like this!



Then I was off for a gorgeous ride on a splendid day.



As I approached the Vee, I started to get an idea that a magnificent view was just around the corner. 


When I reached the narrow opening at the top of the climb, I was simply not prepared for what was about the open up in front of me. Photos cannot do it justice. The views go on forever, and it was a perfect day for taking advantage.





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