Photo by Jason DeVarennes

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Killaloe to Tipperary - Ireland 2016

Looking at the OSM Cycle maps I noticed lots of routes in County Tipperary, so I decided to aim for Tipperary town with plans to explore this area more. It happens that there are lots of very touristy towns in the county, but Tipperary town isn't one of them! In retrospect I should have aimed for Cashel or Cahir, but I did have a very nice host at the B&B who invited me in for tea and much good craic. Hours after going in for tea, I headed out and again, despite thinking I'd get a few blog posts done due to my early arrival, I barely managed one! Now there is nothing wrong with that. It's been great exploring and meeting and talking to people. I've found that I end up in far more conversations because I am traveling alone. Don't get me wrong. I love touring with John, but when you are with someone, you may not be as likely to strike up conversations with others.






SadiB's track record with wind farms is amazing. We've managed to climb up to at least one every day! Haven't seen any solar panels though. 



  1. Pamela, thank you ever so much for memorializing your one of a kind adventures and the work you did to do that. The beautiful images and interesting accounts of your posts are inspirational and rewarding. So impressed at your stamina to do all this especially with the challenges you've overcome. Best! Jim Duncan

    1. Jim, thanks for the kind words. I'm happy you've enjoyed the photos. It's been fun to document and I look forward to future visits and being able to look back and find places and routes I liked and then explore areas even more thoroughly.