Photo by Jason DeVarennes

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Tullow to Glendalough - Ireland 2016

Well enough of those gentle DaveB routes. Time to let SadiB back at it. Although she can't fully take credit as she took most of the route from JohnBs brownstuff 400km, but in reverse.

The route headed south first taking in the climb up to the Nine Stones on the shoulder of Mt Leinster. It then crossed over into County Wexford briefly to tick off another county before climbing over the Shay Elliot with the final descent down into Glendalough.


The tearoom at Huntington Castle fueled me for the climb up to the Nine Stones. 



Clouds made for poor views on Mt. Leinster. The air was still, so the climb to the mast would have been easier than on a windy day, but with a long day and many more climbs ahead, I decided one trip to the mast this summer was enough and aimed the bike back downhill.





I reached the zoo that is Glendalough. Given its proximity to Dublin, it has way more tourists than almost any other place I'd been. I stopped in the hotel to use wifi, since I had no phone signal. I had reserved a B&B but hadn't made note of its exact location. It turned out I had passed it a mile or so back. Oh well, the coffee and scone was nice.

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