Photo by Jason DeVarennes

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Sligo Lap of the Lough - Ireland 2016

A few people have asked if I am getting tired. The legs have held up quite well. I really have not been pushing beyond my comfort level. No speed work while touring. I'm climbing lots, but keeping it at a sane pace.

I've also gotten into a good routine. As soon as I check in to a B&B or hotel each night, I shower and wash my shorts. Then I look for dinner, and try to map out future rides, or work on the blog. However after afew long days recently, I decided to take a break and stay in Sligo for two nights, with a short loop ride on my rest day. I could explore town, and get caught up with photos. Despite all the down time, I still managed to do only one blog post. But I wandered all around Sligo, and the day off left me eager to get back moving.







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