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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The Coolies - Ireland 2016

My last real riding day had the best weather of the trip. I'd been apologizing everywhere I went for the cool summer, certain that my mere my presence all summer here had caused the less than summer like weather. I assured locals that things would improve on August 19. Luckily for me, awesome conditions arrived days before my scheduled departure.

Our friend Declan knows every small road around and can always be counted on for a great ride. So I asked him to put together a ride for us on Tuesday. He graciously drove down to Dublin to pick me up and we head up north to Dundalk for a loop around the Coolies.












So this is the end of my tour. Tomorrow I head into Dublin to do some shopping and then pack up to fly home. I'm sad my adventure is coming to a close, but looking forward to seeing John and the cats.

The heat map below shows what I covered in 7 weeks. I missed some and look forward to many more trips here to explore areas more and see new places. Thanks for joining me virtually.

Upcoming posts will include details about logistics, what I carried and the bike. Stay tuned.


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