Photo by Jason DeVarennes

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Foxford to Westport - Ireland 2016

Because I've been riding on tiny off the beaten back roads, I rarely see other cyclists, so it was a real pleasure to find these two tandem riders checking out of the B&B at the same time I was. They had a guidebook and map from a Dutch author. I'd seen another couple using this book in Sligo the day before. We chatted for a while, comparing notes. They commented on my light load. I refrained from asking what all they were carrying in all these bags. Given that we were all at a B&B, I don't think they had camping gear. They told me they were heading for Clifden that day. I pointed out they'd be missing some great scenery on Achill Island, but I think they had an itinerary to follow. I had a very circuitous route planned, with accomodation pre-booked just outside of Westport. Our last stay in Westport had been rather eventful with a naked guy bursting into our room at 5AM followed by a loud party going on until 3AM the next day. So I found a hotel well out of town that at the very least should be a bit quieter.

I road along with the tandem briefly, but parted ways when I headed north to go back over Windy Gap again. It was so nice the first time, I decided it would make for a nice route back south.


Shortly after leaving the tandem, I saw these two, but then went several days again before seeing any other cyclists. I really only saw cyclists when I was on busier roads. I feel sad that so many are missing out on the tiny lanes, the thing that makes cycling in Ireland so special.






  1. I agree about the tiny lanes! Those are the best roads in France, too—the ones that are white on Michelin and IGN road maps.

    BTW, it looks like the RideWithGPS map is for your next day's ride, starting in Westport.

    1. Thanks Brian. I have put up the correct map now.