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Monday, August 1, 2016

Omagh to Sligo - Ireland2016

I again had trouble finding accommodation last night, so I decided to eliminate a little stress by booking ahead. The downside of this was that I picked a place 110 km away and found a lovely town around halfway. One of the reasons I prefer not to book ahead is exactly this. With no set plans, if I see an interesting road, I can explore, and if I see a cool place to stay or cool town, I can stop there. But given the last two evenings where I spent hours trying to find something, I went for peace of mind. I really enjoyed the roads around Sligo on previous visits there and wanted to ride through the area west of Sligo, so I booked a hotel there. I ended up staying two nights, taking some time to explore the town the next day.


I continued to follow some of the sign posted long cycle routes in the area.










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