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Monday, July 11, 2016

Killarney to Phoenix B&B - Ireland 2016

After a great evening out with the brother and sister-in-law, we arose early the next morning to catch the train back to Killarney. Well early is relative. We had a late night, which seems to be the norm here. Then we had a three hour cruise, which fortunately ended at our intended destination! However by the time we had lunch in Killarney, it didn't make for the earliest of starts. We had booked a room at The Phoenix B&B just outside Castlemaine. It would be a short ride there, so I'd tentatively sketched out a bonus route to take in a couple of climbs after we checked in. In the end, it was late enough when we arrived that we decided to just head out and do the climb up towards Camp to earn our dinner, rather than the bigger loop and risk being too late for dinner.

The meal was among the best on the trip, so definitely not to be missed.  The Phoenix B&B is a vegetarian restaurant although they do have seafood. I definitely give it 4 stars, worthy of a detour or special trip!





The climb toward Camp is also a worthy detour. Years ago on my first trip here, John decided we must do all the hardest climbs on the west coast. It was actually the climb up from Camp, the other side, where I put my foot down and said NO. So on this trip, I had to make up for it. I just kept picking climbs off the map and routing us from climb to climb!






Don't tell Izzi, but this cat came through our window and cuddled in with John for the night!

So a bonus star to The Phoenix for making us feel at home.

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  1. Thanks for this. My wife and I honeymooned in this area; alas biking was not included in the agenda and who knows when I'll get back there but I would love to do what you're doing someday. It's good to see some familiar roads and brings back fond memories.