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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Youghal to Kinsale - Ireland 2016

We left the popular seaside resort town of Youghal and headed toward Middleton where we found a great cafe with an awesome mid morning snack. This is one of the best parts of touring: eating anything you want, multiple times a day!






We headed into Cobh for lunch, which after the snack in Middleton could only be a disappointmentšŸ˜€


 Next up we caught the ferry and started heading in the direction of Kinsale. I had been mapping our route to roughly follow the coast, but taking in small white roads where possible. I hadn't paid as much attention to the route profile as I probably should have and we found ourselves on lots of short steep leg burners along the way.

For the most part this mapping strategy has been good, but occasionally we find a missing road and indeed this was the case leading into town. Nevertheless we found civilization and soon were cleaned up and enjoying a fabulous dinner at a restaurant called Twisted, owned by a couple from Fiji and France. The fusion of these cultures in food was amazing.

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