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Friday, July 22, 2016

Sligo - Benbulben Circuit - Ireland 2016

A couple of years ago, John and his brother, Dave, and I went on an unsuccessful search of good weather in Ireland in November. We started in Wetport and rode through torrential rain that came down sideways and left us shivering, wet and cold. My weather app suggested heading north. So we loaded bikes into Dave's jeep and headed to Sligo.

The good weather fled when we arrived. Then our first ride had too many photo ops that we didn't cover much distance thanks to too much good light. This is what happens when John carries his good camera. I have to adjust distance goals way down, because he keeps disappearing off the back, stopping to take photos, or has his victims, uh I mean models, ride back and forth past some nice background, until he gets the perfect shot.

Our second ride out of Sligo started the same as the first, and Dave and I realized we'd need to change from our planned 75 miles ride to the 40 mile version that circumnavigated Benbulben To be fair, the light really was nice that day. And the 40 mile route was one of the nicest loops I've ever picked off a map.

Sadly poor Dave suffered more punctures that day than one might normally have in a year. We used every tube the three of us carried, and then patches too.

When I asked for suggestions in the area, John reminded me how nice this loop had been, and suggested doing it in reverse. So a plan was hatched to do a short ride without gear. I called it a rest day, but my friend, Jenny suggested I didn't understand rest.

It was an amazing day. I love the riding around Sligo and this loop really is worth a repeat.




It even has a short stretch of dirt and gravel





I finished off the day with lunch at Drumcliff, final resting place of W.B. Yeats.

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