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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Killybegs to Ardara - Ireland 2016

I was so impressed with our brief visit to Donegal in 2014 that I started planning a return trip right away.  Naturally, the first place I had to come back to was the Slieve League Cliffs.

The weather was slightly better than our previous visit, where we huddled behind a sign and then quickly took photos and headed down. This time at least I made it up and back down to the cafe before the torrential downpour. Then I spent well over an hour in Ti Linn with soup and coffee and scones waiting out the rain. I'm okay if it starts while I'm on the road, but there is nothing harder than leaving the warmth of a cafe to head out into the rain!

Then it was on to Glencolumbkille, where my jaw dropped when I rode around the corner to see yet more impressive cliffs. It's the unexpected sights that have been the most impressive.

Although the views descending the Glengesh Pass were as fabulous as I'd remembered! Someday I must climb up it from the Ardara side so I have more time to take in the view!














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