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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Gordahork to Buncrana - Ireland 2016

After a couple of days staying in one place, I grew restless. Gap of Mamore was calling. And I needed to head in that direction. The weather looked like it might even cooperate. It would be cloudy for another day and then sunny on the day I planned to climb Mamore. But I'm getting ahead of myself. First I have to get to Buncrana.

I bid my hostesses farewell and aimed the bike east. My first diversion would be a loop around Horn Head. The day started cloudy, but soon the sun was making brief appearances. If the clouds burned off I should get a great view at Horn Head.


I may just have to take their word for it, regarding the view





 I got a text mid-ride from my friend telling me I must visit Doe Castle. Luckily it was right on the route, so no extra navigation was necessary.




What if the wind sock is missing entirely? Does that mean that high winds blew it away?


I noticed the mast off in the distance and thought my route can't really go there, but it did. It may have been on this day that I began to think of SadiB, my alter ego on ridewithgps, as my nemesis. SadiB spends hours each night looking at maps and seeking big climbs. Then I go out the next day and follow the chevrons. I've started to think of SadiB exactly as she is described in her profile. I've also begun talking about her in the third person, and I think we are starting to develop an advesorial relationship. Have I been out too long on my own?


So near the end of the day, I actually skipped SadiB's final climb and took the main road. But even it still had a monster climb.

I just missed the ferry and I had to wait an hour and a half to get the last ferry of the day. Lucky for me there was another ferry because the town at this end of the ferry had nothing!

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