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Monday, July 4, 2016

The Coppertone Coast - Ireland 2016

No one is ever going to believe me about the weather here once viewing this post! 

After freezing to death at the wedding, I began to worry that I had seriously misjudged my clothing choices for the tour. I even began to wonder about having a few things mailed over! But then we got this day on the Copper Coast, or as I renamed it the Coppertone Coast. We left Carrick-on-Suir under cloudy skies, but found sunshine when we reached the coast in Tramore. 

Before reaching the coast, we stumbled upon the Dunhill Castle and did a bit of exploring.

Next as if to prove we are still in Ireland, we got caught in another cattle-jam.

Then right on cue, the sun came out and warmed us nicely precisely when reached the shore.



We at least had the cooling effects of a stiff headwind!










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