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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Glenveagh - Ireland 2016

My friend, Jenny, gave me grief for calling the Benbulben ride a rest day. Well she should approve of the way I spent yesterday. I slept late, had a relaxing breakfast, worked on some blogposts, and then took a short spin to visit a friend who moved here recently. The two of us drank coffee and talked for ages. At some point, hunger drove us to take a short spin into the village for lunch. It was so great to see this friend after almost three years and a lifetimes worth of changes to both our lives. While we email and text regularly, there is nothing like a real face to face chat. I love having new places to visit when my friends move away. But I still miss going out for coffee and lunch and bike rides together. So this was a real treat.

Now today, I made up for that rest day. But I have to blame my friend. The route is hers. She promised great views and awesome roads.


I'm sure there is a view out there somewhere!







The feature on today's ride was the Glenveagh park and castle. It was an awesome ride up through the park and gardens. But my stop at the castle was rather brief as it seems to be a breeding ground for midges. Luckily for me, the coffee shop had indoor seating. It was a cloudy day, but cloudy Irish skies have an appeal all of their own.



The ride up through the park took me on miles and miles of dirt and gravel, proving my friend knows me well!







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