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Monday, July 25, 2016

Ardara to Gortahork - Ireland 2016

One of my hopes on this trip was to catch up with a friend who lives in Donegal. I sent her a text saying I thought I would be in the area that night, and she replied saying she'd made arrangements for me to stay with some friends nearby, her place being too small for guests. This was a kind and gracious offer, but it meant I had a long ride and people expecting me.

Naturally SadiB, my alter-ego on ridewithgps, routed me over quite a few climbs nod through a wind farm, with a gate at the far end. As I turned onto the road leading up to the wind turbines, I was actually turning away from an angry barking dog, so I really did not want to turn back. There were no signs indicating private or dead end, but the ... Uhmmm ... Road was a bit rocky. And I got right up next to the turbines. It was very cool, and noisy!

Then I reached the end of the road and found a fence and gate and sign. I figured if they had a sign here, that they'd prefer I climb over the gate, rather than backtrack across the place I wasn't supposed to be. So I got to appreciate exactly how light or heavy my gear is.

Then it was on an up another endless climb down to another gorgeous but empty beach.

The sun came out shortly before I reached my destination for the night, and I quickly realized why my friend has made this her home. It is just gorgeous.










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