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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Castlebar to Sligo - Ireland 2016

After enjoying the great Western Greenway so much, I was intrigued by the trail out of Castlebar. While it is nice to have a dedicated cycle path, this one had a few very tight turns and a couple of seriously steep sections that would challenge the skills of most of the folks I saw riding along the path. My route to Sligo started out on the path and then picked up a few other regional cycle routes that showed up on the OSM maps. It turned out much of this days route followed the tour de Humbert, a regional circuit marked with signposts.

The Castlebar Ents

This 15% section included a 90 degree bend and a 180. I had the pleasure of taking the 180 and climbing up this 15% only to have to dismount to open the gate!


I dubbed this boghenge!







This castle is now a hotel, but was undergoing major renovations. Good thing, I might have decided to stay there, otherwise!


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