Photo by Jason DeVarennes

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Kinsale to Glandore - Ireland 2016

The plan had been to follow the Wild Atlantic Way and as such I'd loaded up routes from the Audax event held a few weeks ago. However we had heard some sections had lots of traffic, so I continued picking white roads, sometimes coinciding with the WAW, and sometimes because something else looked interesting.

It seems I, in my SadiB persona, had picked all the steepest roads, and even one trail.

















I'm glad I've been training in Western Massachusetts for this trip!





I admit it. The short sharp relentless hills were getting to me. I began to fantasize about strangling SadiB! 

Fortunately, it started to rain hard just as we entered a little village and my legs were showing signs of rebellion. We spotted a B&B and we called it a day.

BTW, the reason there are very few photos of John is that he is the photographer. I try to be good and get shots of him on the bike, but apparently I didn't on this day.


  1. This part of the world is my "happy place". :)

    1. Rebecca, I love this area. It was my first time to the south coast and it was truly amazing. And just look at that route profile! I definitely liked the quiet roads too. Much better than the busy peninsulas. But don't tell or these roads will get busy too.

    2. I go there regularly, though not as often as I used to. I don't mind going in the dead of winter either, though a lot of businesses are closed then. I have a certain beach I go to every time. Dead deserted year round except height of summer, but there's a hotel and killer cafe right there, year round. PM me on FB if you want the details! :)