Photo by Jason DeVarennes

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Clifden to Delphi - Ireland 2016

If I'm going to blow the budget I might as well go for it. The hotel had onsite seaweed baths. I'd heard about these a while back, an advetorial on the airplane or something. The idea is you soak in a really hot tub filled with seaweed. The heat opens the pores and the seaweed does some magic. Whether  seaweed baths can really help with whatever ails you, it is certainly relaxing to soak in a hot bath with low lights and soft music. I enjoyed my bath after breakfast, as my warmup for the ride ahead.


The rest of the day was just as foggy. I'm going to have to just spend a week or so in Clifden some time if I'm ever to get the promised views on the sky road.





I aplogize for lack of photos. I did take more, but they are all the same. Grey mist hides a great view. 



  1. Your posts make me nostalgic for my tour in the west of Ireland some years ago. The Sky Road is beautiful on a bright, sunny day!

    1. One of these days I'll get there on a sunny day!