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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Sligo to Killybegs - Ireland 2016

I spent ages online trying to find accomodation for my next night.i initially thought it should be no problem on a Sunday. I first looked in at the nice hotel in Killybegs where we stayed last time, but they were full. And then nothing else showed as available in Killybegs. Next I looked in Donegal town, again with no luck. A few other searches proved fruitless, until it seems someone's temporary reservation in Killybegs expired and a room popped up there on my search. I quickly reserved it and mapped out a route.

It was to be a long ride, so I wanted an early start, so I didn't lollygag too much at breakfast. Looking back for photos it seems it wasn't the most inspiring of days as I have almost no pictures.

However it is a day that sticks in my memory, thanks to an aggressive little dog, who took a bite out of my leg right in front of his oblivious owner. As I let out a scream, the man asked if I was OK. I said "no your dog just bit me" I had slowed down to check a turn. I was trying to figure out if the road I was planning to take was private or if the sign was for the house. As I was coasting, the dog came around from behind and sunk his teeth in.

I asked if the dog was current on vaccinations and was assured he was. I suppose in retrospect I should have asked to see documentation, but I just wanted to get away. I backtracked a bit, washed out the wound with water, and applied some antibiotic cream.

After a good clean up in the shower, I applied a Compeed-like plaster. This was good for keeping road muck out of the wound, but a week later, when I finally took it off, there was still a good puncture in my calf. It finally started to heal once I left it open. It was a real shock though. John got bit near Mt. Leinster and then me. In all our trips here, this is the only time we've had bad dog encounters. Sadly it has caused me to yell at any dog that tries to herd me along the road!



I joked that it would be my luck to have this as the approach to my B&B!




I first commented that instead of giant marshmallows, that they have giant licorice here, but then I saw the giant bubble gum!

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